Travel and Design Communication

Reflecting on Summer Travels and Integrating Experiences with the New School Year.

Often during the summer, with extended time between major studios and when not employed, students and faculty often choose to travel to enhance their experience of environments and  to learn more about the diversity of places that our world contains.  With this increased global perspective, students and faculty return from their travels, and a question is raised: how do they integrate what they learned into work during the school year?  Many ways can be considered. The travel experience can be actively and consciously applied to studio concepts or history courses; enhance critical thinking through reflection on the experience; or as a reference/resource when needed depending on the nature of the recording device used for that travel experience.

One thought to consider for this month’s DCA BLOG DISCUSSION is the impact of travel on students and faculty in design.  For this, how is that travel experience recorded (memory, online, photographs, notebooks) and how then is it used later?

One recording of travel experience that is used by many are travel journals and/or sketchbooks. The last two DCA OPPORTUNITIES Newsletters had articles about travel recordings in journals and sketches.

Henry Sorenson, Montana State University, published an excerpt of his India Travel journal in the DCA Spring 2013 Issue. Do take a look at “From Henry Sorenson’s Travel Journal leading Montana State University’s Foreign Study Program in India.”

In the DCA Winter 2013 Issue, Brian Dougan, American University Sharjah, published some travel sketches “Drawing History in Italy,” and he noted:  The work of fourteen students was never intended to be publically displayed, nor was its goal to be appreciated in terms of technical prowess. Each drawing is a relationship between the drawer and the drawn resulting in a discovery of understanding. We were in Tuscany to collect experiences. The drawings each student produced are the means and evidence of this Tuscan adventure.”  For more, please see the DCA Newsletters.

What are your thoughts on the use of journals/sketchbooks during travel and what is the impact of travel and the journals as a type of design communication on the work of students and faculty during the school year?


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